The “Finca Es Moli” estate in Artà.

This spacious estate with its numerous terraces invites you to stay and enjoy the chance to retreat, whether you want to read a book in the shade without being disturbed or enjoy a romantic picnic under the starry sky.

The beauty of this place cannot be appreciated with just your eyes, and so it should be experienced up close and personal. The new owner’s loving restoration radiates the old building’s unique energy and will bring joy to your heart. Here you can escape from everyday life, without having to fly to the other side of the world.

Along with the generous 15m pool, the property has a variety of peaceful hideaways, giving you the opportunity to unwind without being disturbed. The atmosphere is something very special, especially after sunset on a warm summer night. Only the chirping of the crickets interrupts the silence, and the stars shine above you, untouched by the light of the large cities.